Training videos

Instructional videos are the perfect way to reinforce what you learn in lessons, and give you the knowledge you need to try a new skill or move on to the next level.

“Hey, I bought the video “Jibing with Alan Cadiz”. Wow, what a great video! The shots are amazing with board cams, helicams, headcams. You get lots of angles. The writing is excellent and the editing is very professional … unlike most windsurfing videos. I find this video to be FAR superior to any written jibing advice I’ve downloaded in the last year.
I especially like the explanation of the sail COE and board CLR during turns. Finally this jibing thing makes sense!” – Endo

“Just a note to let you know that your jibing video is one incredible video!!!!. The entire Seattle Windsurfing community is in your debt. As you know we get a lot of rainy weather with shortboard wind on an inconsistent basis. Watching your you perform those flawless jibes motivates and helps us visualize success for our next trip to the Gorge.” – Dr. Wind

“I definitely benefited from the video; I erred in buying it toward the end of my last 2 week Maui trip last July — I should have bought it at the beginning…” – Fred

“Just wanted to let you know that the video rocks! I had an injury and was off the water for two seasons. Sitting on the beach watching my husband and my friends learning and perfecting their jibes was a drag. Thanks to the video I pulled off my first, (albeit very ugly) jibe the first time I got back on the water.
Thanks. I am smiling again.” – Louise

“Just wanted to drop you guys a note to let you know how much we have enjoyed your jibing video. After only watching it a few times and being lucky enough to have several 20+ knot days the last couple of weeks I have nailed my carving jibes (planing out too!), have started playing with laydowns, and in general have improved my success rate to about 9 out of 10 jibes. I am pumped! Thanks again.” – Dejan

“Just want to let you know, in my opinion, the jibe video is great, the best. I love the fact that he doesn’t mind showing you the mistakes, or getting wet. If you have any other videos, or have any in the works, please let me know.” – Mac

“The tape, “Jibing with Alan Cadiz on Maui,” arrived this afternoon. It’s an excellent piece of work. Packed with information and great windsurfing. Easily worth every penny. Thanks a lot.” – George