Stand up paddle lessons, surfing and coast runs

Stand up paddle surfing is taking the world by storm. If you have not seen people doing it on your local lake, river, ocean or favorite surf spot it won’t be long.

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And no wonder, it is easy and fun. It is a great way to enjoy the water and get a low impact workout. Minimal skill is needed to get started, but there are many skills to master. Wave surfing will keep you challenged for years. Working the board down the troughs of waves on a coast run is very technical, and mastering the proper paddling stroke is a worthy quest.

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Stand up paddle class lessons

Let our instructors give you a head start in this growing, diverse water sport. Entry level paddlers learn the basics of getting up, stance, paddling and form, turning and other basics.

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Intermediate paddlers can refine their ocean knowledge, paddle technique, board turning, downwind, crosswind, and upwind paddling skills.

Private SUP lessons and excursions

Advanced stand up paddlers can make the most of their time on the water in Maui by spending it with a pro. Few people know Maui’s ocean environment like Scott Trudon. Scott is an avid waterman with a background that includes 10 years of professional windsurfing, 35 years of surfing, winning the Maui International Paddleboard Championships and 10-plus years of racing from Molokai to Oahu.

Thanks again for the paddle. I am looking forward to using what I learned from you as I do more SUP here in San Diego. The Maliko run was a great challenge and I am looking forward to trying it again the next time I am on Maui. – Steve R

stand up paddle coast run

Lessons are taught at various locations depending on conditions, skills and goals. Private lessons are recommended for experienced paddlers.

Board and paddle are not included.

Stand up paddle lessons

Private lesson with a pro, 1.5 hours
$299 per person
Call for availability
Private SUP excursion with a pro, 2 hours
$299 per person

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Reservation and cancellation policies

All lessons are by appointment. We will take reservations the day of the lesson or up to a year in advance. All lessons are subject to weather conditions, of course. If the weather is not suitable for your lesson, it will be postponed until conditions are right for your lesson. There is no charge for lessons canceled due to bad weather. Reservations are recommended, especially if you request a specific instructor.

To make a reservation we will ask for credit card details (number, expiration date and security code) to confirm your instructor's time. We generally do not charge at the time of reservation because all lessons are subject to weather. Please provide 48 hours to cancel or change for any reason to avoid a late cancel charge. Late cancels are subject to full charge unless we can rebook the instructor's time. Of course if the weather doesn't cooperate, and we are forced to cancel, then there is no charge to you for any lesson time that we cannot deliver.