Lesson rates

Kitesurfing lessons

Discover Kitesurfing
$285 per person
Introductory lesson, 3 hours, private
Three Day Learn-to-Rip Course
$810 per person
3 hours per day over 3 days, 9 hours total
Five Day Learn-to-Rip Course
$1275 per person
3 hours per day over 5 days, 15 hours total
Kite Foil Lesson
$285 per person
2 hours, private, all equipment included

Stand up paddle lessons

Semi-private class for 2-4 people
$125 per person
Private lesson with a pro, 1.5 hours
$225 per person
Private SUP excursion with a pro, 2 hours
$299 per person

Surfing lessons

Group lesson in Kihei
$75 per person
8 am, 10 am daily; no Sundays
Semi-private lesson for 2-4 people
$125 per person
Customized lesson, 1.5 hours
Private lesson
$225 per person
One-on-one, 1.5 hours

Windsurfing lessons

1 class lesson
$125 per person
2 class lessons
$230 per person
Package of 3 class lessons
$330 per person
Package of 4 class lessons
$420 per person
Package of 5 class lessons
$515 per person
Private lesson, 2 hour minimum
$125 per hour
$250 minimum
Private lesson package, 6 hours
$625 per person
6th hour free
Rigged & ready package
$435 per person
2 hour private lesson, gear delivered and rigged. Level 3 and up.
Summer kids camp, 3 days
$269 per person
2.5 hours/day

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Reservation and cancellation policies

All lessons are by appointment. We will take reservations the day of the lesson or up to a year in advance. All lessons are subject to weather conditions, of course. If the weather is not suitable for your lesson, it will be postponed until conditions are right for your lesson. There is no charge for lessons canceled due to bad weather. Reservations are recommended, especially if you request a specific instructor.

To make a reservation we will ask for credit card details (number, expiration date and security code) to confirm your instructor's time. We generally do not charge at the time of reservation because all lessons are subject to weather. Please provide 48 hours to cancel or change for any reason to avoid a late cancel charge. Late cancels are subject to full charge unless we can rebook the instructor's time. Of course if the weather doesn't cooperate, and we are forced to cancel, then there is no charge to you for any lesson time that we cannot deliver.