Learning to Windsurf

learning to windsurf box cover

“Learning to Windsurf with Alan Cadiz on Maui” is HST’s newest instructional DVD

“Learning to Windsurf with Alan Cadiz on Maui” is HST’s newest instructional DVD. It starts with an in-depth look at entry-level windsurfing. Then a quick look at different types of boards and sails and how to rig your sail. From there, waterstarting is broken down into several skills. A point-of-view camera gives you the feeling of being there during the skills progression. Lots of troubleshooting will help to guide you through your learn-to-waterstart experience.

Robby Naish says, “Alan has done it again … This DVD takes windsurfing instruction to a new level with simple easy-to-understand steps. From the basics to intermediate instruction, this is the way to learn to windsurf … just add water!”

The DVD continues with sailing a shorter board; learning how to use a harness, the progression for footstraps and techniques for sailing in high wind.

This DVD will prime the soon-to-be windsurfer with the information they need to excel at the sport and also teach veterans of the sport some new tricks to keep them challenged.

“Learning to Windsurf with Alan Cadiz on Maui” trailer, 7 minutes of 59

Running time: 59 minutes of non-stop information.
Filmed and edited by Alan Cadiz. All rights reserved. Copyright 2005.

This DVD is sold out! But you can stream it by chapter on this link!