Jibing with Alan Cadiz

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“Jibing with Alan Cadiz on Maui” is a comprehensive jibing skills DVD

Tired of falling in on your jibes? Whether you are an entry-level sailor or learning advanced jibing techniques, this video will speed your learning and improve your success. Recognized the world over as the master of jibe instruction, Alan Cadiz leads you through all aspects of jibing and troubleshoots the common problems along the way.

As founder and owner of HST, Maui’s oldest and largest windsurfing school, Alan has personally helped thousands of people improve their sailing. Now you can tap his vast experience and comfortable teaching style. Learn the common elements for all jibes, then study examples of complete jibes. See and feel what it is like to successfully complete your jibes. Unique camera angles include a mast mount to study footwork, and a helmet cam gives you the feeling of being right there.

Robby Naish says, “Alan’s technical knowledge of the sport and years of experience in helping people improve their windsurfing skills are second to none.”

Windsurfing Magazine says, “This is an exceptional video … This is a flick worth buying and one that most any sailor can relate to for a long time.”

“The best jibe video ever, I recommend it to all windsurfers.” – Scott Trudon

Running time: 45 minutes of non-stop information.
Filmed by Dave Nash of Envision Films, post production by Mike Waltze Productions.

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