About Kanaha Beach Park

Family amenities

Kanaha Beach Park is ideal for the whole family. This 88-acre park has showers, bathrooms, and plenty of parking. With over a mile of shoreline, there’s room for windsurfing, kitesurfing, swimming, and sunbathing. When you’re ready for a break, rinse off in a fresh water shower and picnic in the shade. Lifeguards are on duty all day.

Central swim area at Kanaha Beach Park

This buoyed swim area is close to everything

Windsurfing beach

Windsurfing lesson beach at Kanaha Beach Park

The cove near the top right of this photo provides protected conditions for entry level lessons, and there’s plenty of room for shortboard lessons and free sailing.

Kitesurfing beach

Kitesurfing lesson beach at Kanaha Beach Park

“The Keyhole” aka “Naish Beach” where HST kitesurfing lessons begin