Foil lessons

  • Wing Foil
  • Kite Foil
  • Windsurf Foil
  • SUP Foil
  • Prone Surf Foil

Foiling is the next big thing for all aspects of wind and water sports. It’s often described as the same feeling as powder skiing or snowboarding. It’s smooth, efficient and quiet and extremely maneuverable. Foiling also expands the range of winds that will send you home with that “I’ve just had a great session!” feeling.

As you can see, there are several ways to learn to foil. If you have no (or minimal) watersports experience, then Wing-Foiling will be your easiest and fastest way to master this new toy! Experienced, skilled windsurfers or kitesurfers may find that learning on a foil designed for your sport is the easiest. SUP and Surf Foiling require a strong SUP or Surf background and the certain level of fitness that comes with that background.

No matter which discipline you choose to pursue, our experienced instructors are here to help. For more information or to reserve an instructor, please call us as there are several aspects to consider when scheduling, including tides, winds and surf forecast.